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About Us

About Us
In initial days we started our journey as a seller on various reputated platforms but as time passes we realised mostly every websites has their own interests and orientations and now a days No any online business wants to empower our local  businesses like local retail shops and markets.When in the crisis of covid  and lockdown situation every local business was stopped .Millions of shopkeepers ,buyers did not get the opportunity to enter into digital network although some tried well but due to lack of formulaized and systematic channel they couldn't do well.Thinking about the solution for that problems we come with the idea of vkreta to empower our local businesses and shopkeepers to do business digitally with systematic channel and reach out with every buyers expectations of India.we want to create  business friendly ecosystem amid of that environment where small number of people have captured whole retail and ecommerce market of India.we have a vision to digitalized every shopkeeper, manufacturers businesses with our hardwork and full dedication.we are providing a platform which is seller's and buyer's friendly .In vkreta "v" sounds as "we" and kreta is kreta (buyer) that is every seller is kreta so we better know every buyers expectations .In vkreta we did not use the alphabet "i" because in hindi i stands for मैं that is the symbol of arrogance.our sellers will assure you not to be arrogant we are family, whatever our buyers expect our sellers will always try to give more than their expectations.
We will also work for government's digital india policies, local for vocal,skills development,skill india, employment opportunities for more , transparency in business etc
We belong to a middle class familes ,from our childhood we learned how to value a single penny.we have talent but not opportunities and platforms to show our talents,why our indian talent  always go abroad after studies for serving them ?why we can't be served by them?why our successful startups in ecommerce have to sell their identity to foreign investors??why can't we able to create healthy ecommerce indian environment with indian identity,with indians work all around the globe??
We as vkreta family will give our 100 percent ,24 hours to create a wonderful space in ecommerce with the help of millions of buyers and sellers of this great nation.
We always think ,if you loose opportunities only thinking about that you will get it again and again ,you will be known as looser in future.
But our india's future is very great ahead as you know it very well in our India -- its demographic dividend ( young population).The hope is that that as the young Indian population enters the working age, it will lead to higher economic growth .so we have the right opportunity to prove ourselves and take our wonderful tag again -- india as "sone ki chidiya"
There is saying that nothing is impossible because impossible also says itself I Am Possible and when you truly willing to achieve something ,the whole universe supports you to happen it into reality.